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2022-06-25 03:49:57 By : Mr. Ian Sun

Baby Martha O'Neill's name has been added to the Dublin and Monaghan bombings memorial.

The memorial commemorates the people who died in the 1974 attacks by the UVF.

Martha O'Neill was stillborn three months after her father was killed in an explosion during the attacks.

The name of a baby has been added to the Dublin and Monaghan bombings memorial on Talbot Street.

Baby Martha O'Neill is the 34th name on the memorial.

Her father Edward John O'Neill was killed in an explosion during the 1974 attacks by UVF loyalist paramilitaries.

Her mother, Martha O'Neill, was six months pregnant at the time.

Baby Martha was stillborn at full-term, three months after her father's death.

Dublin City Council said the addition of the baby's name was requested by Martha O'Neill and her family.

The Council's Commemorations and Naming Committee chair, Councillor Mícheál Mac Donncha, said the committee decision was unanimous.

Martha's brother, Edward O'Neill, said the move was an "emotional experience" for the family.

"Martha would have been the baby of the family. She was cheated out of a life. We never saw her grow up, blossom, have a career, and have a family of her own," he said.

"Our Dad will never be forgotten by us and now thankfully our sister’s identity will now be known by all citizens of this country and every single person who passes by the monument."

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